Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Shops galore

I went into Belfast today with my boyfriend to have a look around but there wasn't anything really that caught my eye. The majority of clothes in Victoria Square were all from the sales and in massive sizes! But some of the Spring '13 lines looked really pretty with a mixture between pastel colours and military clothing.
Jeans; A-Wear. Leather jacket; Topshop. Top; River Island. Boots; River Island

I chose to wear something casual with comfy shoes to walk about in. Although I was compared to a "hairy biker" - I really loved this outfit. My Topshop jacket is studded which you can't really see in this photo which contrasted with the sequins on the Paris letters.
Christmas present from my boyfriend; River Island
I adore these River Island Chelsea boots especially the silver rim that goes around the bottom of the boots- I can tell that they will become an essential part of my wardrobe. I brought my patent FCUK bag with me which is really big to hold all of my necessities.
Although I didn't actually buy anything today, it was good fun looking around the new stock and I also bought a caramel cream frap from Starbucks which perfected the day.
Any comments/advice/tips would be very helpful as I would love to know who is reading this. Hope you are all well!

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