Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nail Art Craze

If I had one wish, it would to be better at painting my nails and to have the ability to do nail art. My favourite nail artist on the internet has to be Robin Moses, she is so inspirational and her videos are really insightful and helpful. When I asked her a couple of questions, I would never have thought she would have been as enthusiastic to help as she was! Robin is a nail artist from Florence, Oregon. She is an internet sensation and has nearly 24,000 Facebook likes, has been featured in many nail art magazines and has won many awards. The recognition that she gets is a testament to the hard work that she puts into her art. I have put a selection of my favourite nail art pieces:

I wish I was talented enough to be able to paint my nails like this! Youtube her tutorials to see if you can do much better than me! 


What made you want to start a blog about your nails?

What made me create a blog was that on Youtube you really can't get a good photo of your work. I wanted my viewers to be able to go to my blog and supersize my pics and hopefully get more true colors and see them really well. Many people do so much photoshopping on nails that they look like paintings. This hinders my work. I want workable, doable designs that are 'real.'

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to star nail art?

 If you can do nail art? You have got a great career. This is a very hard job that is very multi-faceted.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a nail art business?

 In today's world, women want to be heard and have a place to go to relax and not have to worry about their lives being gossiped about. It is MOST important to BE ON TIME and to always listen, to keep your station clean and to never agree or disagree too strongly - there are many reasons to remain neutral. It gives them full trust in you, your services and your friendship. You are EARS for them to unload into. 

Robin describes this advice as "coming from my heart."

I would advise you to check out Robin's blog and Youtube as it is inspirational what she can do with nails and it is full of great ideas and how to carry them out.

Hope everything is well!

Busy Weekender

I've had an enjoyable but busy weekend as it was my uncle's surprise 40th party, then I had dinner with Andrew's family as his uncle and aunt were home from London and then we went to my friend, Erin's 17th birthday party which was lots of fun! 

We went to Grace Neill's Restaurant with Andrew which I had never been to before and it was incredible! It is a traditional Irish pub with names on Irish poets and writers along the walls which add to the quaint interior. It is the oldest pub in Ireland according to the Guinness Book of Records! Who knew?! There is live music on Friday and Saturday nights which would have been great banter but we had to leave to go to Erin's. For dinner I had chicken and pasta which sounds pretty plain but it was cooked in spices and tomatoes and for dessert I got chocolate profiteroles. It was great seeing Andrew's auntie and uncle again!

I wore jeans, a silky top with sequined collar, black blazer, black boots and the silver bracelet Andrew bought me for our 4 months anniversary. The sequined collar prevented the outfit from becoming too casual.

Boots - River Island (present from Andrew)
Peter pan sequin collared top - New Look (present from Andrew)
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Bracelet - Gems (present from Andrew)
Black blazer (not in photo) - H&M

I had been stressing out about what I should wear to Erin's as many girls said they were wearing long dresses and I don't really wear long ones so I thought the dip hem dress was a happy medium. I got it in River Island and it was reduced from £55 so I was well chuffed with it! I wore it with my gold bracelet, black wedges and black feather earrings that also have gold leaves attached.

Bracelet - Topshop
Dress - River Island
Shoes - New Look (friend's)
Earrings - River Island

I love the lacy part of the dress at the top and the silky material at the side of the dress suited my body shape. I wore the same Topshop bracelet as I did at NYE and the earrings I got from River Island from my mum's friend for my 17th birthday. 

The guys also looked very smart, especially Andrew, in their suits - Barney Stinson would be so proud right now. The banter at the partyu was excellent and I am very blessed to have such good friends as these people.

WOW - What Others Wore

As always, all the girls looked brilliant. I loved Erin's floral midi dress, Sasha's lacy dress and Rhianna's bodycon dress especially the straps on it. (photo above) Some girls were in full length dresses too which also looked lovely.

It has been a great weekend but now I have so much work to be doing for school tomorrow -yawnnnn! Any comments/tips/advice would be most helpful at this point so don't be afraid to let me know via email or comments.

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Hope you are all well.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

cosmic love

I have put a collection together of the galaxy print clothing that I am currently loving! Although the cosmic print became popular quite a while  back, but it is defintely a print to still be seen in. There is so much to choose from that I have no clue what I specifically want - wish I could just get everything! I'm back to school so my posts may be shorter or at random times in the week.

Missguided top here! - £11.99
This Missguided galaxy print t shirt is not only perfect with black leggings and heels for going out, but it can be worn as a really casual top with a thick cardigan and black leggings. It is a bargain for how useful it could potentially become!

Find the KarmaClothing dress here! - £11.99
I have only heard of KarmaClothing recently and the clothes are well priced but look incredible. This dress is only £11.99 and would be perfect with black heels for a night out or worn as a casual outfit with black tights, creepers & a black chunky cardigan with even a black beany hat.
This galaxy print bralet is gorgeous and only £6 off Boohoo!  Leggings plus this bralet would be a perfect going out oufit teamed with black or purple heels.
Click here to find the Galaxy Print Lace Up Boots - £20

I think that these boots are absolutely incredible looking! They would be perfect with jeans, a skirt or a plain dress with pink/blue/silver jewelry! For Boohoo shoes like these the cost of £20 is fantastic!

And finally... A print that is out of this world..

I like how this River Island dress has a different galaxy colour scheme to it in comparison to the previous items. The pale pinks and purples make the dress more feminine and could once again be worn with heels to go out in or could be worn with black ankle boots to make the outfit become more casual.

Hope you are all well!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


I entitled this post as "moo" simply because I resembled a cow last night in my cream and black outfit and my leather jacket and skirt.. pretty weird! I was at my friend's 17th birthday party which was really good fun and it gave me a chance to catch up with poeple that I hadn't seen in ages! Andrew and I got her a leopard skin purse from River Island that I would have probably preferred to keep myself as it was cute - I'm such a giver.
To the party I wore a cream Topshop lacy top, a River Island leather skirt with lace print on it, Topshop leather jacket and my friend's black wedges from New Look plus jewelry from Accesorize. It wasn't too casual, but wasn't too dressy!

I got the jewelry as presents from my Auntie for Christmas and I am literally obsessed with them! She always picks such lovely and classy pieces for me which are perfect. I love love love the owl necklace as the body of the owl is made from pearls which is adorable and the earrings are a perfect size and so pretty!
Me and my friend, Joel
Andrew and I
For my nails, I used a dark red shade of FCUK nail polish and painted two layers. Then on top of the layers I used my sister's Miss Sporty (cheap & cheerful) sparkle touch nail polish to give it a glittery design.
WOW - What Others Wore
The birthday girl looked phenomenal, she was wearing a light pink shimmery dip hem skirt and a black mesh crop top from Topshop with the same gold spiky necklace that I wore on NYE - see the post.
It was a fun night but school this week will be a drag but I have 3 parties to look forward to next weekend which will hopefully keep me going throughout the week! Once again I apologise for my rubbish iPhone photos but hopefully I will get a better camera at some stage!
Hope you are all well and have a happy week!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Shops galore

I went into Belfast today with my boyfriend to have a look around but there wasn't anything really that caught my eye. The majority of clothes in Victoria Square were all from the sales and in massive sizes! But some of the Spring '13 lines looked really pretty with a mixture between pastel colours and military clothing.
Jeans; A-Wear. Leather jacket; Topshop. Top; River Island. Boots; River Island

I chose to wear something casual with comfy shoes to walk about in. Although I was compared to a "hairy biker" - I really loved this outfit. My Topshop jacket is studded which you can't really see in this photo which contrasted with the sequins on the Paris letters.
Christmas present from my boyfriend; River Island
I adore these River Island Chelsea boots especially the silver rim that goes around the bottom of the boots- I can tell that they will become an essential part of my wardrobe. I brought my patent FCUK bag with me which is really big to hold all of my necessities.
Although I didn't actually buy anything today, it was good fun looking around the new stock and I also bought a caramel cream frap from Starbucks which perfected the day.
Any comments/advice/tips would be very helpful as I would love to know who is reading this. Hope you are all well!


The thought of writing my first post on my blog was really quite daunting so to be honest, I delayed it from happening that is why I am writing about my New Year's Eve outfit on the 2nd January.
My boyfriend and I at the end of the night
I spent New Year's Eve at my boyfriend's house as he was having a party in his cinema room. It was a very good night with fab music, food and crowd. The night was a perfect way to bring in 2013. I couldn't help get goosebumps as we watched BBC1 and the countdown to the New Year as we watched the many highlights of 2012. 

I knew 2013 was the year I had to begin to make my mark.

The outfit I chose to wear consisted of a plain black peplum dress, gold jewelry and gold glittery heels with red nail polish.

I had hummed over this Madam Rage dress for ages and then when I found it in the sale in my size - I knew it was meant to be! As it was a plain dress I needed to wear statement jewelry to make it into the perfect NYE dress. I love the added detail in the dress; the long gold zip at the back of the dress added an air of mystery to the outfit. The peplum part of the dress has a silky gold material underneath it which I didn't even realise until I took it home - a happy surprise indeed!
The gold peplum part underneath
The dress-long gold zip - fun and risky!
My bangle was also found in the sale in Topshop for a mere £1.50 - bargain! And my spiked necklace was from New Look for £5.99. And my shoes were also from New Look which were £20 but the next day had gone down to £12.50!!

My nails were a blood red colour to make the outfit more vibrant but also to give it a more classy look. I used FCUK nail varnish that I got for Christmas and it is just fab! It goes on so easily and has the perfect density to it - not too gloopy but not too runny! It also didn't take long for my nails to dry either which was an added bonus!

This photo was taken the day after the party hence why some of my nails are now chipped as I have had lots of revision to do - boooo!

What Others Wore - WOW

All the girls that were there looked incredible but my favourite outfit was my friend, Erin's, she was wearing an incredible Topshop dress that she had found in the sale. It had a black leotard body to it and then a chiffon skirt to it which had a gradient that started off as a blue colour and gradually faded into white at the bottom - it was beautiful! She wore it with beige heels so that the emphasis was more on the dress.

The night was fabulous and we all had so much fun together and I hope 2013 brings a prosperous year to you all! Any comments/tips/advice would be helpful as I am truly only a blogging virgin! And sorry about the poor quality of the photos, hopefully will be getting a new camera soon!