Tuesday, 8 January 2013

cosmic love

I have put a collection together of the galaxy print clothing that I am currently loving! Although the cosmic print became popular quite a while  back, but it is defintely a print to still be seen in. There is so much to choose from that I have no clue what I specifically want - wish I could just get everything! I'm back to school so my posts may be shorter or at random times in the week.

Missguided top here! - £11.99
This Missguided galaxy print t shirt is not only perfect with black leggings and heels for going out, but it can be worn as a really casual top with a thick cardigan and black leggings. It is a bargain for how useful it could potentially become!

Find the KarmaClothing dress here! - £11.99
I have only heard of KarmaClothing recently and the clothes are well priced but look incredible. This dress is only £11.99 and would be perfect with black heels for a night out or worn as a casual outfit with black tights, creepers & a black chunky cardigan with even a black beany hat.
This galaxy print bralet is gorgeous and only £6 off Boohoo!  Leggings plus this bralet would be a perfect going out oufit teamed with black or purple heels.
Click here to find the Galaxy Print Lace Up Boots - £20

I think that these boots are absolutely incredible looking! They would be perfect with jeans, a skirt or a plain dress with pink/blue/silver jewelry! For Boohoo shoes like these the cost of £20 is fantastic!

And finally... A print that is out of this world..

I like how this River Island dress has a different galaxy colour scheme to it in comparison to the previous items. The pale pinks and purples make the dress more feminine and could once again be worn with heels to go out in or could be worn with black ankle boots to make the outfit become more casual.

Hope you are all well!

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  1. I love the river island dress. I don't own anything with cosmic print on. Great post :)