Sunday, 13 January 2013

Busy Weekender

I've had an enjoyable but busy weekend as it was my uncle's surprise 40th party, then I had dinner with Andrew's family as his uncle and aunt were home from London and then we went to my friend, Erin's 17th birthday party which was lots of fun! 

We went to Grace Neill's Restaurant with Andrew which I had never been to before and it was incredible! It is a traditional Irish pub with names on Irish poets and writers along the walls which add to the quaint interior. It is the oldest pub in Ireland according to the Guinness Book of Records! Who knew?! There is live music on Friday and Saturday nights which would have been great banter but we had to leave to go to Erin's. For dinner I had chicken and pasta which sounds pretty plain but it was cooked in spices and tomatoes and for dessert I got chocolate profiteroles. It was great seeing Andrew's auntie and uncle again!

I wore jeans, a silky top with sequined collar, black blazer, black boots and the silver bracelet Andrew bought me for our 4 months anniversary. The sequined collar prevented the outfit from becoming too casual.

Boots - River Island (present from Andrew)
Peter pan sequin collared top - New Look (present from Andrew)
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Bracelet - Gems (present from Andrew)
Black blazer (not in photo) - H&M

I had been stressing out about what I should wear to Erin's as many girls said they were wearing long dresses and I don't really wear long ones so I thought the dip hem dress was a happy medium. I got it in River Island and it was reduced from £55 so I was well chuffed with it! I wore it with my gold bracelet, black wedges and black feather earrings that also have gold leaves attached.

Bracelet - Topshop
Dress - River Island
Shoes - New Look (friend's)
Earrings - River Island

I love the lacy part of the dress at the top and the silky material at the side of the dress suited my body shape. I wore the same Topshop bracelet as I did at NYE and the earrings I got from River Island from my mum's friend for my 17th birthday. 

The guys also looked very smart, especially Andrew, in their suits - Barney Stinson would be so proud right now. The banter at the partyu was excellent and I am very blessed to have such good friends as these people.

WOW - What Others Wore

As always, all the girls looked brilliant. I loved Erin's floral midi dress, Sasha's lacy dress and Rhianna's bodycon dress especially the straps on it. (photo above) Some girls were in full length dresses too which also looked lovely.

It has been a great weekend but now I have so much work to be doing for school tomorrow -yawnnnn! Any comments/tips/advice would be most helpful at this point so don't be afraid to let me know via email or comments.

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Hope you are all well.

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