Wednesday, 2 January 2013


The thought of writing my first post on my blog was really quite daunting so to be honest, I delayed it from happening that is why I am writing about my New Year's Eve outfit on the 2nd January.
My boyfriend and I at the end of the night
I spent New Year's Eve at my boyfriend's house as he was having a party in his cinema room. It was a very good night with fab music, food and crowd. The night was a perfect way to bring in 2013. I couldn't help get goosebumps as we watched BBC1 and the countdown to the New Year as we watched the many highlights of 2012. 

I knew 2013 was the year I had to begin to make my mark.

The outfit I chose to wear consisted of a plain black peplum dress, gold jewelry and gold glittery heels with red nail polish.

I had hummed over this Madam Rage dress for ages and then when I found it in the sale in my size - I knew it was meant to be! As it was a plain dress I needed to wear statement jewelry to make it into the perfect NYE dress. I love the added detail in the dress; the long gold zip at the back of the dress added an air of mystery to the outfit. The peplum part of the dress has a silky gold material underneath it which I didn't even realise until I took it home - a happy surprise indeed!
The gold peplum part underneath
The dress-long gold zip - fun and risky!
My bangle was also found in the sale in Topshop for a mere £1.50 - bargain! And my spiked necklace was from New Look for £5.99. And my shoes were also from New Look which were £20 but the next day had gone down to £12.50!!

My nails were a blood red colour to make the outfit more vibrant but also to give it a more classy look. I used FCUK nail varnish that I got for Christmas and it is just fab! It goes on so easily and has the perfect density to it - not too gloopy but not too runny! It also didn't take long for my nails to dry either which was an added bonus!

This photo was taken the day after the party hence why some of my nails are now chipped as I have had lots of revision to do - boooo!

What Others Wore - WOW

All the girls that were there looked incredible but my favourite outfit was my friend, Erin's, she was wearing an incredible Topshop dress that she had found in the sale. It had a black leotard body to it and then a chiffon skirt to it which had a gradient that started off as a blue colour and gradually faded into white at the bottom - it was beautiful! She wore it with beige heels so that the emphasis was more on the dress.

The night was fabulous and we all had so much fun together and I hope 2013 brings a prosperous year to you all! Any comments/tips/advice would be helpful as I am truly only a blogging virgin! And sorry about the poor quality of the photos, hopefully will be getting a new camera soon!

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